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TeamNote Key Values

In today's anytime-anywhere work environment, employees would only choose devices with the most effective means in collaboration and smartphone is the handiest tool people rely on the road. Rising number of forward-thinking organizations have embraced BYOD because they are confident that a sound BYOD strategy along with meticulously designed mobile apps would help them to stay ahead in competition.

Facilitate Faster Decision Making

You as management will be able to make faster decision by receiving pictures and instant messages describing real situation on-site.

Saving Money on Communication Cost

Company can avoid expensive SMS and long distance phone call roaming charges by switching to internet based text messaging and audio file forwarding.

Formulate Chat Groups that Fit for Purpose

Chat groups can be centrally managed according to corporate department structure, function groups or ad hoc project groups. Flexibility in defining group to fit different purpose.

Reduce Effort Spent on Routine Jobs

Unleash productivity by reducing time spent on daily routine. No more juggling with camera, PC and email to get one single task done. TeamNote allows your team focus more on high value jobs.

Keep Corporate Information Secure

Communications and document distributions are transmitted via secured network with 256-encryption. Chat history and files are archived for review and investigation if needed.

Make Your Staffs Always Feel Like a Team

Whether your employees are working in-house or remotely; full time or temporary, they can always receive corporate news, important announcements and internal surveys, etc. Nobody is being isolated no matter where they work.

Simple Tool High Benefit

MOBILE FIRST and BE INTUITIVE are two essential elements of TeamNote design philosophy because the purpose of its very existence is serving your mobile staff on the road. With TeamNote, your team will be able to make better decisions, coordinate more efficiently with colleagues, react more quickly to changing conditions and manage complexity more effectively.

Enhanced efficiency with positive UX to drive adoption

With the constant improvement in the quality of mobile devices and applications, end users can start to perform more complex and routine tasks on their mobile devices. TeamNote is a cloud based mobile collaboration tool which is now frequently used by real estate brokers, insurance agents, NGO’s part-time domestic helpers, logistics work force as well as corporate HR training operations on a daily basis. TeamNote is also widely used in job dispatch operations in task assignment and issues reporting by outdoor repairmen. TeamNote features to facilitate mobile workforce completion of their tasks in a few swipes and with its build-in chat module, team members are able to communicate with each other securely. End users instantly enjoy the benefits of enhanced productivity and management can enhance their ROI.


TeamNote Features

TeamNote is a mobile productivity platform that enhances your mobile workforce efficiency by
delivering easy-to-use features on various tasks.


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What our customers say about TeamNote

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Robert Gavick
We love the TeamNote design and tailor-made functions, it gives us a good base for internal communication and bringing all employees closer.
Paulina Nowakowska
Thank you TeamNote team, we were satisfied with the application and their after sales-service. We appreciated their follow-up and efficiency. Now we become friends with their team.
Tomasz Dziuda
Overall the service provided was excellent, the sales advisor and consultant gave valuable and neutral comments on functions that help our business. We would definitely recommend TeamNote to our partners.

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